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  • “Banishment from England is no longer the mute punishment it was in Shakespeare’s time. English has become the global lingua franca that Esperanto hoped to be. But I can feel the writer’s own panic here, as his banished character imagines the horror of losing his verbal identity for ever.” —from ‘Banished and Englished’, inspired by Richard II

    What could the world's greatest writer possibly have to teach us about the modern business world? Perhaps because he was a 'hired hand' himself, no one understood the dilemmas of working life better than William Shakespeare. Politics and power; double-speak and double dealing; ambition and avarice; succession and depression... 

    In THE BARD & CO, 26 leading writers for business were asked to consider a Shakespeare play and how it might illuminate corporate behaviour today.

    "Business managers should always be looking for new ideas to challenge themselves, their teams and their companies -- but where? Look no further than these exuberant studies of the most fertile writer of human case studies ever, Shakespeare." —Simon Caulkin, The Observer

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