From Here to Here
From Here to Here photo of book spine
  • “Sulphur-crested cockatoos rock and screech on the flimsy tips of silver birches, playing with gravity. In the shade below, I am sharpening pencils for Miss Dorothy. The task is taking a long time. The longer I take, the longer I can avoid playing the piano. Miss Dorothy’s pencils are getting shorter and shorter. I am turning them into demi-semi-quavers.”
    —from ‘Spirituous’, by Elise Valmorbida

    FROM HERE TO HERE, an anthology of stories inspired by the Circle Line, was published by Cyan Books in September 2005. Each writer was allotted a station and a word limit, but there was no limit to genre or imagination... 

    Simon Armitage starts off with an extraordinary poem about King’s Cross. And then the book speeds along the Circle Line, clockwise, until it reaches King’s Cross again. Elise Valmorbida's station is Moorgate but there’s a personal train of thought that connects to Melbourne and Methodism. 

    An installation at Embankment station featured illustrated excerpts from each of the book's chapters. As part of London Underground's Platform for Art, each writer got together with design students at LCC to create an exhibition of new works inspired by their stories. 

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