The Madonna of the Mountains Buy
  • “A bewitching but entirely unsentimental portrait of one woman’s attempt to keep her family safe in turbulent times.” —The Times [Book of the Month]

    “A genre defying novel in many ways.”
    —Gill Chedgey, NB magazine

    “A doll on the railroad tracks; a madwoman in the wild; silkworms in the attic. Recipes for rolling tender gnocchi, using sardines to make polenta last, torturing enemies with oil or salt—they’re all part of life in this winning novel about tradition, hardship, and resolve.” —Publishers Weekly, USA

    “Compulsively beautiful” —Mark Rubbo, Readings

    “Laced with the feel of Italy, its food, traditions and scenic splendour, this is a very fine novel indeed. Stylish and beautifully archaic in its writing, it has a hypnotic quality, difficult to draw yourself away from. Highly recommended.” —LoveReading
    [Book of the Month]
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