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  • “Entirely independent, and gleefully multi-genre.”
    —The Guardian

    “One Britpic well worth catching” —Empire

    “Twisted, gritty, and downright freaky.”
    —Little White Lies

    “Novel and creative... a strong DVD release. Buy it.”
    —DVD Times

    “Sizzling with tension and vivid near-surreal imagery, this is a forceful and confident debut... produced by Skillset/EIFF Trailblazer Elise Valmorbida.”
    —Edinburgh International Film Festival

    “An off-kilter caper that emerges as one of the most refreshing British crime films in years.” —Metro

    “Enthralling and intriguing, this screenplay is a gem.” —

    Eddie has his eye cut out by a loan shark chasing a debt; his other eye will only be spared upon repayment. Desperate for cash, he does a deal with Linda to find her husband, who won a million pounds on a TV quiz show but has now gone missing—and so embarks on a comically gruesome journey through the surreal underworld of Saxon, the ghost town of grim flats where he grew up. 

    SAXON, written and directed by Greg Loftin, was nominated for the Michael Powell Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2007 and won the top award at the 2008 European Independent Film Festival in Paris. Here, with the screenplay and production stills, is the full story of how this guerrilla film was made and achieved success, written by the film's producer and script consultant, Elise Valmorbida. [You can stream the film at distrify]

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