Creative writing + wellbeing
a long wide Brighton seascape
  • “An engaging philosophical, psychological and creative session; quite a feat indeed. It was fascinating to be part of a diverse group of people who so quickly connected and communicated. There were some wondrous pieces of writing and it was a privilege and joy to see people’s confidence grow within such a short space of time.” —participant

    A HAVEN FOR STORIES (with Tobias Jones + Alice Vincent) —booking now!
    1-week Creative Writing Retreat in Italy, 19–26 October 2024

    HAPPY WRITING (7–8.30pm, 13 July 2023)
    Seminar with The Literary Consultancy's online 'Being A Writer Festival'

    MINDFULNESS + CREATIVE WRITING (with Fabrizio Pesce)
    St Peter's Centre for Mindfulness, Chiswick, London
    —Look out for forthcoming dates

    Wordstock (2022); A Haven for Stories (2022, 2023);
    Faber Academy (Melbourne, 2021); The Literary Consultancy (2020); Arvon (2019); Chiswick Book Festival (2019); Margate Bookie (2018, 2019)

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