Migration stories
photo of old suitcases
  • “If there’s one common element in all my writing, it’s an interest in migrants and migration. I guess it’s natural given my own multicultural origins, but it’s also at the heart of storytelling: the migrant brain is prone to metaphor—the perpetual balancing of here and there, different worlds in simultaneous play.”
    —Elise Valmorbida, The Guardian, 2009

    Growing up Italian in Australia meant growing up with migrant stories. My head was full of people and places that seemed foreign and yet were utterly familiar—part of me, like my Italian face and my Italian surname. Migration is not just about geography. The ‘places’ can be cultural, emotional, sometimes utterly notional.

    I devise and teach creative writing workshops that explore Migration Stories. Sometimes I call them Suitcase Stories. The workshop participants may be from different countries or cultures, but many people—and many characters—‘migrate’ in other ways: perhaps their journey is from one kind of life, or one identity, to another. 

    Creative Writing Migration Stories Weekend: 18-19 January 2020
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